What is Android

A smartphone is like a mini computer that you control by touching the screen rather than using buttons like on a basic or feature phone. They can take photos, play music and videos and have apps that can help you enjoy the best of the internet.


Android enabled devices are the most popular smartphones across the world! They will help you to: search for the latest news and information, share pictures with friends and enjoy your favourite music and sport. It also means you can get a map and pick the best route to your next destination with Google Maps, or learn a new skill on YouTube.

If you want to use an Android phone you will need to create a ‘Google Account’. A Google Account is really important for using your Android mobile phone. It will allow you to get apps and make it easier for you to use apps like Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Maps and Google Assistant.

Having a Google Account will also help save all your information – like your contacts, apps and photos - in one place. It will also help if you want to change to a different phone in the future as you will be able to automatically have all this information on there!

Once you are using your Android phone, there are also some simple steps that you can take to help keep you safe and to save you money! For example, you can create a PIN or password that means other people can’t use your phone if it is lost or stolen. Or, you can turn on ‘Data Saver’ mode which will mean you use less data when using apps and so spend less money.

Using an Android phone can help you to unlock the power of the internet