What is Internet

The internet is a huge network of millions of computers around the world, all connected to each other with phone lines, satellites and cables – and they can send and receive information across our planet.


It’s like a massive library of information that anybody anywhere can use.


The internet can help you do many things. You can send messages and photographs to your friends and family. You can even speak to them using the internet. You can listen to music, watch videos, buy and sell things, and even transfer money.


The internet can also help you to learn new skills, like starting your own business.  


If you want to access the mobile internet on your phone, you will need either a smartphone, which is like a mini-computer, or a feature phone. A feature phone has fewer features than a smartphone, but will still allow you to play music, take photos and access the mobile internet using something called a web browser, like for example Google Chrome, Opera, or Firefox.  


By using the mobile internet, you will be able to access several different internet services:


  1. You can use WhatsApp or Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends or people you do business with.
  2. You can use YouTube to watch videos, like music videos or videos that teach you how to learn a new skill.   
  3. You can use Google or Wikipedia to search for information on any topic you are interested in.  


There are many great things you can use the internet for, but it’s important to remember that anyone can use it. So it’s best to treat the internet like a real-life public place – and be careful about who you talk to and what you say. This will help you to stay safe.  


  1. If someone you don’t know tries to communicate with you over the internet, or if someone is bothering you, you can ignore or “block” them for example on whatsApp.
  2. You need to make sure you keep personal information private. Don’t share your name, address or other details with people you don’t know.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable about anything you see or experience on the internet, tell someone you know and trust.
  4. And remember to be polite and respectful when communicating over the internet.


If you use the internet on your phone, you will need to buy data from your mobile network provider.


Different activities on the internet use different amounts of data. Looking at text uses the least data, looking at images uses more, listening to music even more and watching videos uses the most.


The internet is making more information available than ever before, and it’s making communication simpler and easier. Why don’t you try it today?