What is Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a place on the mobile internet, where you can search for knowledge and information. It’s like an encyclopaedia on your phone, that provides instant information on any subject.  

You can use Wikipedia to help your children with their homework, to find information on a sports or music event, or even to find out more about your own country.


Wikipedia has information on just about any topic you can think of. You can find Wikipedia on your smart or feature phone

If you want to use it,

  1. Tab the internet browser icon
  2. Type www.wikipedia.org

Select enter

A Wikipedia page will open on your screen.

  1. The page begins with a summary of what you have searched for
  2. Further down the page, you will discover more details, like history, politics or people connected to your search item.
  3. Each fact has a number at the end. This matches the number of an information source or “Reference” at the bottom of the page, which tells you where the information came from.  
  4. If you tap on a blue word on the page, it will take you to another Wikipedia page about that word.


The information on Wikipedia is written by ordinary people all over the world. Because of this, Wikipedia is available in more than 300 languages.

Anyone can add information to an article on Wikipedia – but they have to say where the information comes, by listing their references. This way, you can check if the information is reliable.

If you are using Wikipedia and you see or open something you think is bad or offensive, you can press the “back” button to leave the page.


If you use Wikipedia, you will need to buy data from your mobile network provider.


With Wikipedia, you will mainly be looking at text and photographs, which do not use too much data. But if you tap on something within Wikipedia which allows you to listen to music or watch videos, these activities will use more data.


The mobile internet holds millions of interesting facts. Why don’t you try it today?