WhatsApp is a messaging service on the mobile internet that makes it easy to connect with family, friends and people you do business with.

It’s a bit like sending an SMS, but you can also send voice messages, photos and videos – along with messages to groups of people.  WhatsApp is just one kind of internet messaging service. Others work in a similar way.  

If you want to send a message to one person:

  1. Tap the WhatsApp icon on your phone.
  2. Tap the chat icon
  3. Now search for the name of the person you wish to send your message to – and tap their name.
  4. Type your text message and tap send.
  5. You can also send a photograph by tapping the camera icon.  
  6. Take the photograph, and tap send.
  7. You can add photos you have already taken, or other items like video clips and music files, by tapping the Paperclip icon, and selecting items stored on your phone.
  8. You can also share emojis or smiley faces within your text messages by tapping the Emoji icon and selecting the one you want.
  9. You can send a voice message by holding down the microphone icon to record your greeting. Release the icon to send your message.

If you want to send your message to more than one person, you can set up a group chat, where several people can be in the same conversation.


  1. Tap the WhatsApp icon.
  2. Tap the chat icon.
  3. Tap the “new group” icon.
  4. Search for the names of people you wish to include in the group. Tap all their names – and then tap the arrow.
  5. Give your group a name – and tap the green tick.
  6. When you send your message, it will be delivered to everyone in your group.


Anyone from anywhere in the world can send you a message using WhatsApp, so it’s important to keep yourself safe. If someone you don’t know sends you a message, or someone sends you a message that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block them. To do this:


  1. Open a message the person has sent you. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top.
  2. A list will appear. Tap “More”.
  3. Now tap “Block”.
  4. You will then get a message asking if you want to block this person. Click “ok”.


If you want to use WhatsApp, you will need to buy data from your mobile network provider.


However, sending and receiving pictures, music clips or photos will use different amounts of data – which can make your WhatsApp messages more expensive than an SMS.


Receiving messages with pictures, videos and music clips can also can take up a lot of memory on your phone. To stop this from happening, you can:


  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap the three vertical dots at the top.
  • Tap Settings and then Data usage.
  • Under the “Media auto-download” section, you can see three options regarding auto-download.
  • Tap the option that says, “When using mobile data”. Now, uncheck "Photos" and tap "OK."


The mobile internet is making communication easier for people everywhere.  


Why don’t you try it today?